We provide answers to business problems using data, behavioral science and human thought.

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It’s not who how why                you ask,

It’s why who how                you ask

Q is made of experts in fields spanning behavioral economics, data science, service design and everything in between. We use Behavioral Thinking to understand your audience by getting to the root and reasons behind their behaviors.

Then, we provide solutions.

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Business questions we answer

Customer churn

Why do users opt out from your service and how can we increase retention?

Customer experience

What are the peak moments that matter to your customers? Which gestures will 'blow them away' or at least make them extremely satisfied?

Employee turnover

What are the causes underlying employees' decision to leave your organization? How (and when) should the causes be addressed?

Customer engagement

What drives people to use your service or product continuously? How could we design an environment that nudges them to do so?

Low conversion rates

What are the conscious and unconscious motives behind users (in)action? How could we redesign cues and reframe communication to influence decision-making?

UX inefficiencies

Which insights from behavioral science could we apply to improve the overall experience of your user?

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They Asked.  We Questioned.  Problem Solved.

Q asks questions to truly get to the real challenge and then conducts the research to gain insights. Some of their insights regarding our customers’ behaviour and preferences were surprising and unexpected, and others were already known to us. What was impressive was the way in which Q presented them in an organized and digestible way, bridging the information between what was new and overlooked.

Nir Marom, Co-founder, Nova-Lumos

Having Q’s team look at our problem with fresh eyes brought us to discover a simple and elegant solution. They managed to pin down a huge problem we were facing at Glowlit, and through a small change brought us to see a breakthrough in the conversion and retention numbers around the world.

Guy Soreq, Founder, Glowlit

Roy and his team were able to take data and transform it into concrete action steps. My team, our CEO and I could finally understand the real reasons behind why people weren’t signing up, which helped to both ease internal debates and dramatically boost the number of registered users.

Fredrik Liljedahl, Director, Start-Up Nation Central