A world of expandedsolutions.

Solution sets stem from how you define a problem. Our methodology is based on a model existing at the intersection of scientific research, design processes and deep behavioral understanding.

You want to know more, don’t you?

We can agree that what people think they know is constrained by what they don’t know
(and their beliefs).

By approaching a challenge from interdisciplinary perspectives, our team helps to understand the frameworks that structure how people think. (We're talking biases, expectations, motivations, and all that good stuff).

This gives us insight into why they do the things they do…
(or don’t do).

Here's how we work

While each project varies based on need, our framework* looks like this

*Developed by Design Council ↗


The Problem Space

Doing the right things


The Solution Space

Doing things right


Gain deep insight and context of your challenge in correlation to human behavior (i.e. cognitive biases, cultural context, incentives, etc.)


Based on deep behavioral understanding from the discovery, we work with you to define the focus of the challenge. This will result in a reformulated problem.


Using tools adapted from methods like design thinking, choice architecture (nudge), systematic inventive thinking and more, we generate creative ideas and potential solutions.


Based on predefined behavioral metrics, we test selected solutions, measure what matters, analyze the data and help to adjust the solution so that you can scale it for success.