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Despite the valuable information a user gleans to gain, only 4% of website users were willing to share information about their own purchases. Why?


Following the small form adjustment, the conversion rate increased by 400%


Q began by interviewing the team about the situation and assumptions to generate hypotheses for the low response rates. The two main hypotheses were that: 1. Users believed the information to be sensitive and were reluctant to share and 2. There was effort and pressure to get specific numbers right with the open-ended value.

Through idea generation, A/B testing, and impact evaluation on conversion rates, Q advised one small, but very effective adjustment in the intake form on the website. Instead of having an input field for the price they paid to purchase a material, the form design was adjusted to a slider. This allowed users to passively and easily share data without feeling pressure.

"Having Q’s team look at our problem with fresh eyes brought us to discover a simple and elegant solution. Roy managed to pin down a huge problem we were facing at Glowlit, and through a small change brought us to see a breakthrough in the conversion and retention numbers around the world"

Guy Soreq, Founder, Glowlit