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JDC approached us at the inception of the coronavirus pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, they had designed a dashboard geared towards promoting the health and well-being of the elderly population within the country. With the rapid spread of the virus, it became necessary to reevaluate the dashboard’s overall utilization in promoting optimal aging and reconsider what behaviors would be the most impactful to measure and affect well-being during the COVID 19 pandemic.


The strategic approach behind the dashboard’s design has given rise to a new way of approaching programs. It’s less about designing a program to solve a supposed need and more about assessing how different approaches and program engage to achieve a solution for a wider socio-economical challenge.


Q approached the project with an expedited tight timeline of about 5 weeks to make the greatest impact possible as the pandemic escalated. We implemented diverse methods to drive forward solutions, including: created personas to better understand the nuances of the elderly population, designed scenarios and tested out various unknowns, conducted a deep literary review to understand global interventions that have worked and failed in the past, and determined the drivers and barriers affecting well-being.

We developed a hierarchy of needs and advised the organization to focus on three main pillars of well-being among the elderly, namely: meaning, social support and self-reliance. In what could be considered a eureka moment, we discovered that this type of framework is not only useful for the elderly in times of COVID-19 but also in the design and successful implementation of all services for the elderly population. The organization intends to use this framework to design and evaluate all future programs to ensure their success.

As a strategy-oriented organization, Q's team brought new insights and perspectives to our process. Their emphasis on asking questions advanced our mutual thinking process into new domains. Furthermore, their ability to process different sets of data, and combine them into a clear simple intelligent story was both impressive and very effective moving forward.

Gilad Hadas Handelsman, Director of Data & Research, JDC Eshel