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Lumos was experiencing a growing rate of customer churn. Their customers tend to live off the electricity grid, and so, there is high demand for solar power energy. All customers have to do is continue to pay their cost-effective monthly payments via mobile devices until the lease period ends and they own the product outright. Yet, many of their customers forfeit payments thereby forgoing the lifetime benefit of solar energy. And, it wasn’t because they couldn’t afford it.


Company experienced a 13% in ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) for those who utilized the “Service Ambassadors” program. The CEO revised his organizational structure to prioritize revenue optimization specialists


Q flew to their biggest market in Africa for two weeks to conduct hands-on research and analysis. Through focused questions and interdisciplinary perspectives, Q got started on generating ideas (no pun intended). Together with company executives and customers, Q held a workshop to gain more insight.

At the end of the qualitative and quantitative analysis, Q’s team organized the exhaustive data and feedback to determine ten categories for improvement. The biggest underlying issue for these markets turned out to be a factor of cultural behavior. In these regions, customers are accustomed to contacting friends and family for technical support, rather than reaching out to a business’ support team, no matter how strong the customer support may be. 

With this knowledge, Q and the company designed “Service Ambassadors,” a pilot program by which the company trained a selective group of loyal customers in various regions and communities. The ambassadors took on the responsibility of overseeing customer groups  within close geographic and cultural proximity. They helped to resolve issues early on that would have otherwise led to customer churn. 

The mass success of the “Service Ambassadors” program led to higher usage of the product, in turn, increasing the company’s revenue.

Roy asks questions to truly get to the real challenge and then conducts the research to gain insights. Some of his insights regarding our customers’ behaviour and preferences were surprising and unexpected, and others were already known to us. What was impressive was the way in which Roy presented them in an organized and digestible way, bridging the information between what was new and overlooked.

Nir Marom, Co-founder, Nova-Lumos