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BEES’ logistics arm for AB InBev sought to motivate their delivery drivers in order to create a better customer experience for buyers, as the drivers are the face of the company. We focused on four countries in Central America, South America and South Africa, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19 and its related challenges and supply chain constraints. BEES needed to create a clear role definition and experience for its drivers in these regions, to increase their motivation and level of service.


As a result of our in-depth process, our client was able to support her vision and push forward the change she desired through these driver-focused action items. The four-pronged program is set to be piloted in early 2023.


Given the nuances across the geographies, we began by clearly defining the issue, scope and differences. We examined BEES’ materials to pinpoint opportunities and motivating factors of the company’s drivers.

Through literature review, we identified similar role definitions and engagement efforts that have taken place in other countries. We also conducted interviews with drivers and their supervisors across four countries to understand their motivational factors, needs, and current barriers.

With the information gleaned from the analysis and interviews, we provided a four-phased approach with the following deliverables:

  1. Role Definition: We defined the drivers’ roles and outlined the main skills required to perform the role optimally.
  2. Skills Assessment: We developed a skills model with measurement tools suited to the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) for management teams to evaluate their drivers.
  3. Staff Training and Development Plan: We created a training plan to be used by BEES Academy for various levels of driver training and defined how to evaluate drivers’ strengths and weaknesses. We also constructed a development path based on drivers’ desires to incentive growth and performance (i.e. educational opportunities, work benefits, etc.).
  4. Incentive and Rewards System: We produced an app-based incentive and rewards gamification designed to reinforce positive driver behavior on a day-to-day level, as well as to develop their overall mindset to be more service-oriented, on an individual and group level.