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Finder had a very low conversion rate of users signing up, despite it being a 100% free platform and service.


30% increased sign-ups YoY


To uncover Finder’s visitors’ behavior (goals, expectations, most-used features, motives to sign up, etc.) we used an interdisciplinary approach, combining qualitative and quantitative research on both subjective and objective behavior, including:

Using frameworks of choice architecture and behavior design, we advised Finder to: 

  • [implemented] Create friction/scarcity: Increase the value of signing up and having full access, by limiting the amount of profiles users can see in search results and filters they can apply
  • [in progress] Reframing communication and adding saliency: Create a sense of loss aversion by expressing what non-users are missing out on by displaying clear benefits of singing up on the sign-up window
  • [in progress] Ease the doubt/increase user confidence: Clearly communicate that it's a no-strings attached platform, even though it's completely free
  • [in progress] Create clarity: Distinguish between sign-up and login flows

Roy and his team were able to take data and transform it into concrete action steps. My team, our CEO and I could finally understand the real reasons behind why people weren’t signing up, which helped to both ease internal debates and dramatically boost the number of registered users.

Director of Product Management, Start-Up Nation Central